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"To Give back to You a Piece of Your Heart"
Fine, Upscale & Stylish, Pet Portraits of You and Your Pets to celebrate Life and give you Closure: Life inspiring PET OWNER Portraits Illustrated by Our Fashion Artist Expert, Prissy YC Tang, a Multiple International Art Award Winner


Allow Our Fine Pet Portraits to
inspire and transform You, the Pet Guardian

Our Fine PetPrissy Portraits – Immerse yourself in slot depo 25 bonus 25 the captivating world of Fine Pet Portraits that transcend traditional art forms. As a discerning and affluent pet guardian, we understand your desire for more than just a beautiful portrait. Our Fine Pet Portraits go beyond the surface, harnessing the power of Fashion fusions to inspire and transform both you and your cherished pets.

These portraits become more than just artworks; they become powerful conduits of inspiration and transformation. As you gaze upon your Fine Pet Portrait, you will feel an undeniable connection to the love and loyalty of your furry friend, igniting a renewed sense of appreciation and profound joy. The infusion of fashion elements in the portraits serves as a catalyst, elevating your personal style and redefining your identity as a pet guardian with refined taste and artistic sensibility.

Indulge in the transformative power of our Fine Pet Portraits, where art and fashion intertwine to create captivating masterpieces that empower and inspire.

Choose our Fine Pet Portraits, and let the infusion of fashion ignite the spark within you, transforming your home into a sanctuary of elegance and love, where cherished memories and sophistication merge harmoniously


Prissy YC Tang, expert Fashion Illustrator of 20 years spent in New York and Hong Kong. Avid dog lover since small. A prodigy.

LinkedIn Portrait

A Surprise - Memoriam Birthday Gift

The Story: The above Portrait of the 3-Some (Terence, Leanne, and Moses) was based on 3 separate reference photos shown below. Commissioned by a lady from Boston who is a good friend of the subjects. I gave the subjects a touch of color and fashion. With Leanne, I created a lacey like shawl for her shoulders, Black upon Black, a beautiful fashion statement. Her black dress is also embellished with Black Lace. Terence also has a Sage colored windbreaker made of a smooth microfibre material. Purposefully, an understatement! This Portrait of the Threesome had been a surprise Birthday Gift for Leanne and also a sweet memoriam of Moses the Golden Retriever in the Portrait. Moses passed away to the Rainbow Bridge in Spring of 2023. That is the reason for the Azalea Spring blooms on the background.

Both Terence and Leanne were utterly moved to receive this priceless Gift! Leanne cried tears of joy.

The Original Photos for the above Portrait

Oval Threesome Photos

A Recent Commission: "Rocky", a Black Lab, owned by a Lady from Texas, Lori G. Medium: Watercolor on Arches 300 Cold Pressed .

Portrait of Rocky 22 Apr 2023 Framed
Hershey and Koko Titled Z
QUOTE Places where im featured xxx
Transforming Marcea n Text

A Portrait of my Client, Marcea B with her furbabe, SkyWalker, a Chihuahua.

The left Panel describes briefly the work Prissy had done from 2 Reference photos, after a Free Consultation with Marcea, producing a Prelim Pencil Sketch that was approved by a happy Marcea before Prissy moved on to the Painting stage.

My  Pet Owner Portraits are shown below with their reference Photos beside them:

“Fleur with Ramona”. This is an AWARD WINNER taking the “TALENT PRIZE” presented by the ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY. LA. Caif. Feb 2023.     

It is also the 2nd PRIZE Winner of the UK’s “PAWtrait of the YEAR 2022-23”

A. “Fleur with Ramona” From the UK

Collage Fleur

B.”Kat Vitou with her Two Dachshunds”. Kat is from Surrey, UK.

Collage Kat Vitou

 “Liza and Norman Yung” from Repulse Bay, HONG KONG painted in 2021.This proved to be a poignant and meaningful Portrait to Liza and Norman as Na-na the miniature Poodle passed away this year 2023 in June.

Collage Liza n Norman

D. “Sarah and Sir Henry”, the Bulldog. FRom Shanghai

Collage Sarah

E. “Charlotte Crisp with Miss Peggy Chu, the Chihuahua”. From the UK.

Collage Charlotte C


1. What Prissy’s Pet Clients are looking for: Closures, and/or a Celebration of Lives (of theirs with their Pets’).  

2. Prissy’s Portraits are authentic labors of love done from photos.

3. Prissy’s a former classical Fashion Illustrator who worked in garment companies along Madison Ave, Saks Fifth, Broadway St in Manhattan for 3 years. In Hong Kong, 20 years.

4. Her chic art form makes captivating Pet Portraits that transform the Persona Identity of Pet Owners which then are incorporated into luxurious pieces of Fine Art  – the meeting place of Fashion and Pet Artistry, an “alchemy” of sensibilities.                                           

Fashion Faces of Priscillas
COMPETITION Lady and Rascal B


Each Pet Portrait is a Masterpiece that has Prissy understanding your remorse and pet-grief.

Her holistic work transforms  and frees you to celebrate the past joy you may have had with your furbaby. 

The mimicry achieved by your gazing at such a happy piece of painting will constantly be sending smiles to your face and reconciliation to your heart. 

It had been documented in The Telegraph that when one gazes at a beautiful painting, sculpture or installation, one’s heart beats increase by at least 10 per cent, and that one’s dopamine level is raised.

You also gain a refreshing articulate Fashion Statement in a growing discerning narrative of a knowing Audience. YOU will be a vision to be shown off to Your peers and associates! A Toast of the town.

Ultimately PetPrissy Portraits are meant to give back to you, a piece of Your heart.

It is that simple. It is that transformative.


CANVA Contact Page Header USE

These Clients came back happily teary-eyed:

"I never got over the demise of Willow my Dobie. Thank you, Prissy, your tenderly executed Portrait of the both of us has given back to me a piece of my heart. Forever grateful" Marla K Reviera

"Prissy showed deep fondness I have for my Mom by how she depicted our affection for each other in this arrangement " Leslie Kwan HK

"Prissy captured my pooch perfectly and took 20 years off me!! Mom loved it to bits. Dad said it's me to a "T"!" Charlotte Crispy UK

" Prissy has done an outstanding piece of art. It will be put to great use for the promotion of our shop in London." Sharon Rundle-Wood UK

***3 Simple Steps to Getting Your Portrait Done***

Top 3 Processes. Marcea

What you will get in return for this Order:
A Bundle:

1. A FREE Consult for Prissy to fully appreciate the story of You and YOur Pet. A 35 min Zoom or Fb Messenger Call.
2. A Pencil Prelim drawn then approved by You. Modifications are welcome. Painting, the next Stage.
3. Finally the Finished Portrait of You and Your Pets DONE
4. A Video of the Work-Progression to keep on inspiring the NEW "You" with Your Bond
5. A Digital file of the Portrait

AN ART-PROGRESSION VIDEO to see how Prissy’s Pet Portrait is done of Kat Vitou with her Dachshunds

1. Artwork will be delivered to Your Doorstep
2. A FREE Art-Progress Video will have been emailed to you After confirmation of receipt and Acceptance of the job- Open the link then download into your Files
3. Check your INbox for Your Receipt. Keep it safe.


REFUND PLAN available:
1. FULL Refund available if Work is found unacceptable.
2. Post back to Us the Artwork at Your expense. No questions asked.
3. The Fee will be fully refunded into Your PayPal account immediately upon receipt of the returned Artwork!


An International Art Award in the month of Feb 2023: 


(The Fourth Prize)

LA, Calif. USA

International Juried Art Competition



Priscilla Tang Talent Award Prize Certificate edit


Presented to

Priscilla Tang for all her 3 Fashionista Personalized
Pet Portrait Entries
The world's leading Contemporary
Fine Art Gallery
International Juried Art Competition 2023


2nd PRIZE’ 

for the UK Competition 

 “PAWTrait Artist of the Year 2022-23” 

organized by ever popular pet magazine 
‘Dogs Today Magazine UK’


My Latest style-direction:
Fashion Illustrator, Doyenne of WWD, ELLE, VOGUE, The New York Times.

The Latest Development: A NEW direction of Pet Portraits in an avant garde style inspired by Antonio Lopez.
JOURNAL Fleur Golden F with details XXX


We are Also VERY happy to commit to Your worthy Causes......

“10% of my Proceeds from these fancy Dog Portraits will go to my Clients’ preferred animal causes”

“Shared shipping available for all orders. 50 – 50.

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WhatsApp Image 2022 11 16 at 4.24.39 PM 2

1 Human + 2 Pets

$480 upwards depending
on complexity

WhatsApp Image 2022 11 18 at 1.11.41 PM

2 Humans + 1 Pet Subject

Human subjects costlier than Pets



Select Category > Click “Add to Cart”> Proceed to Payment

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My DIGITAL Portfolio

The Digital Portrait of the Yungs’ with their Nana.

A1 Artwork. Yungs


A Testimony from my Client, Charlotte Crisp
Testimony rom Client, Marcea Barton
Testimony from Client, Leslie Kwan
Tracie Buckley Testimony

( To make swifter contact, please click on the bubble icon “Contact Us” on the bottom left side of the website)

Fashionista Pet Portraits of my Clients
~ When Luxury Fashion meets Art ~
(Luxury Gifts and Treasure Keepsakes for Dog Lovers)

ME Japanese Lady WEBSITE
A watercolor Pet Portrait of Lydia Nakamura with her Loki
Charlotte Crisp with Peacock feather and Red dress min 1
A Pet Portrait of Charlotte Crisp CEO of LIGHTBULB Entrepreneurs and Press Hangout - UK

I do some awesome dog portraits too!


A Dog Portrait of a Chevaliar painted in watercolor. Done for a colleaque who’d lost his dog-buddy owing to illness.

A bespoke Dog Painting of a Shih-Tzu. Watercolor medium. Client: a Florida non-profit for the welfare of dogs.

Ad Material Lola 10 2 min
Ad Material Sweety 9 2 min

Our Jack-Russell from Melbourne, Australia – A Dog Portrait. Watercolor medium.

Misty for Website
"Misty", a Jack Russell, for a Doctor Client in Melbourne, Australia


And here I am, Priscilla Tang.
So very happy to be serving You all Pet Lovers!

Me 19 Oct

Hi. I have had almost one third of my life spent as a well-regarded Fashion Illustrator: 20 years spent in New York and Hong Kong.

For this reason and thanks to having been a beneficiary to a gifted and talented Dad, a formal Art training in the US, an avid love for dogs whom I had practically grown up with, I combined my 3 Loves together: Art + Fashion + Dogs (or Pets) to become the Dog/Pet Mom Portrait Artist for my company” PetPrissyPortraits” since 2019.

My Website:

I love what I am doing. It is very meaningful to me as through this profession, I can pay back by focusing on paying homage to all the diligent, devoted and deserving Dog Moms or Dads everywhere.

You and your pets all deserve this!

Allow me to boost your image-persona through gifting you as part of my expertise, a complete makeover.

                                                                             THIS IS MY PLEDGE TO YOU ALL! 

                                                                                PRISSY TANG