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- Where Fashion Luxury meets Pet Portraits - Fashionstyled Portraits for Owners and Pets to gently give back to them a piece of their hearts.
For Celebration of Life & kind Closures.


Looking to serve bespoke Pet Clients: My premium luxury fashion portraits of Pet Owners with their Wards are handrawn by our avid Pet Artist, Priscilla Tang, with an excellent background as a classical Fashion Illustrator who has worked in famous garment companies along Saks Fifth Avenue and the likes.

Priscilla ‘s art are unique custom portraits that proudly transform Pet Clients’ persona images which then are incorporated into luxurious pieces of fine art where Fashion meets Pet Artistry, an “alchemy” of sensibilites.

The wonderful fashion aspect touches the hearts of every Client who comes away uplifted and comforted from likely  pet loss while those who merely wish to celebrate Life are much elated!

A treasure and precious keepsake for Pet Lovers, Dog Afficianados, Femme Fashionistas with their fabulous Fidos!

Each is a Masterpiece and possessing of an unique and articulate Fashion statement in a growing discerning narrative of a knowing Audience.

Ultimately it is meant to give back to my Clients a piece of their hearts. It is that simple.




Very happy to commit to Your worthy Causes......

“10% of my Proceeds from these fancy Dog Portraits will go to my Clients’ preferred animal causes”

“Free shipping available for ordered items ‘B’ to ‘D’ 

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My Pet Portrait with Owner and her Dog – “Fleur”, the now famous canine hero and therapy dog, here held by her rescuer, Val of Valgrays. A book, titled, “The Dog who Refused to Die” has been published to herald the courage and resilience of Fleur, and a movie is about to be made. This is an Entry to the contest, “Pawtrait Artist of the Year 2022”, as a gracious invitation and organized by the Editor Beverley Cuddy (herself a survivor), of DogsTodayMagazine UK.

A water color Pet Portrait of Fleur with her Rescuer, Vicky.

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My DIGITAL Portfolio

The Digital Portrait of the Yungs’ with their Nana.

A1 Artwork. Yungs


A Testimony from my Client, Charlotte Crisp
Testimony rom Client, Marcea Barton
Testimony from Client, Leslie Kwan
Tracie Buckley Testimony

FREE Shipping for Customers  who order from ‘B’ to ‘D’ Items (see Price List)

( To make swifter contact, please click on the bubble icon “Contact Us” on the bottom left side of the website)

Fashionista Pet Portraits of my Clients
~ When Luxury Fashion meets Art ~
(Luxury Gifts and Treasure Keepsakes for Dog Lovers)

ME Japanese Lady WEBSITE
A watercolor Pet Portrait of Lydia Nakamura with her Loki
Charlotte Crisp with Peacock feather and Red dress min 1
A Pet Portrait of Charlotte Crisp CEO of LIGHTBULB Entrepreneurs and Press Hangout - UK
Portrait Kat Accessorized min
" Kat V with her 2 Dachshunds, Desmond & Margot"- Surrey, the UK

I do some awesome dog portraits too!


A Dog Portrait of a Chevaliar painted in watercolor. Done for a colleaque who’d lost his dog-buddy owing to illness.

A bespoke Dog Painting of a Shih-Tzu. Watercolor medium. Client: a Florida non-profit for the welfare of dogs.

Ad Material Lola 10 2 min
Ad Material Sweety 9 2 min

Our Jack-Russell from Melbourne, Australia – A Dog Portrait. Watercolor medium.

Misty for Website
"Misty", a Jack Russell, for a Doctor Client in Melbourne, Australia


And here I am, Priscilla Tang.
So very happy to be serving You all Pet Lovers!

Me 19 Oct

Hi. I have had almost one third of my life spent as a well-regarded Fashion Illustrator: 20 years spent in New York and Hong Kong.

For this reason and thanks to having been a beneficiary to a gifted and talented Dad, a formal Art training in the US, an avid love for dogs whom I had practically grown up with, I combined my 3 Loves together: Art + Fashion + Dogs (or Pets) to become the Dog/Pet Mom Portrait Artist for my company” PetPrissyPortraits” since 2019.

My Website:

I love what I am doing. It is very meaningful to me as through this profession, I can pay back by focusing on paying homage to all the diligent, devoted and deserving Dog Moms or Dads everywhere.

You and your pets all deserve this!

Allow me to boost your image-persona through gifting you as part of my expertise, a complete makeover.

                                                                             THIS IS MY PLEDGE TO YOU ALL! 

                                                                                Priscilla Tang