My bespoke Pet Composite Portraits tend to soften your memories, allow your persona to shine forth, and attempt to burnish that bond between you and your pet. Yes I do Pets too.

In my high-end fashionista Pet Owner Portraits, I bring to you all that I have gained and gleaned from my 20 years as a Fashion Illustrator for a US-based Fashion resource magazine. 

Furthermore, I admire highly and am dedicated to paying homage to the diligent and deserving dog mums who despite knowing the shorter life spans of the wards under their care and their inevitable heartbreak, keep on to the tireless task of rescuing, fostering, and sheltering vulnerable animals everywhere.

To these, I salute because of my avid love for my past dogs ( I think there had been at least 12 of these, from my childhood till I began to live overseas) and knowledge of the immense amount of love AND work that go into the making of our happy, healthy, snuggle-loving pets.

I collaborate and support meaningful animal causes, honouring and paying tribute to dog mums everywhere through my fashionista Pet & Owner Portraits. 

Every one of your stories is riveting and unique. Share them with me as these endear me to your pets and make my painting meaningful and a personal endeavor and give the portraits an added zing.

"STRIKE A PAWS" HIGH-END MAKEOVER FASHION PET PORTRAITS especially for Dog Mums like You. You deserve this!

Prissy Tang paints alluring Pet Portraits for the Dog Mum who appreciates good tastes, and is fond of fashion and aesthetics. She would love to have the bond between her, her loved ones  and her family pets immortalized in beautiful gifts such as these.

Dog mum keeps herself up to date with the latest magazines like Psychology Magazine UK, GQ, Harpers and is enterprising enough to delve into blogs and books by thought leaders like Seth Godin and Marty Neumeier.

She has everything that keeps her happy but a high-end fashion portrait of her with a  delightful makeover that compliments her age and her natural attributes will be something that she will treasure for a lifetime.

And graciously gives her bragging rights to the remarkable bond between her and her doggo that is artistic, nuanced and irrevocable as portrayed in the painting.

THE LATEST. Prissy Tang: A participant in a National dog event "BARK AID UK 2021" Sept 2021

In early Sept 2021. Prissy Tang was invited to be the Head Judge for the Category of “Gorgeous Girl” for the dog charity drive named “Bark Aid UK 2021” whereby she had to select the winner among 48 attractive puppers. “Molly”, a Maltipoo, was chosen and Prissy Tang shall be painting a dog portrait of Molly to be presented to the happy owner before Christmas 2021. Attached shows the reference photo of Molly.

A total of more than GBP7,000/- was raised for the awareness of Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Introducing “Molly” the cutesy Maltipoo who has her own Instagram platform and a video of her Portrait-Progression below.

Another latest: Prissy Tang donated her portrait service to this dog cause, Charity Trail Day UK, Oct 2021. Introducing "Maisy", a Jug, or a cross between a Jack Russel and a Pug!


Pictured: Priscilla Tang at work in her studio. Pictured: Client Marcea Barton with her dog, Skywalker


A fashion illustrator is using her styling skills to give dog owners a glamorous make-over
in a unique portrait with their pampered pooch.

Priscilla Tang, 70, has combined her passion for fashion and her love of animals to
create a portrait business with clients worldwide.
All she needs from her customers is a basic image of both the pet and their owner – not
necessarily together – and some background information to create a chic and stylish
piece of art.

Priscilla takes great care to focus on the personality of the dog owner and really tries to
capture their love and connection to their pet.
Then she has fun with chic embellishments and accessories to create an imaginative
and glamorous final portrait.
Priscilla said: “I do up their nails, their hair and add jewels and glamour to each portrait.
“I am on a quest to honour the hardworking dog mums out there who deserve to feel
chic and valued.

“It is my mission to show these women an image of themselves as the absolute queen
that they are in their dog’s eyes.
“I want my art to show the dedication, love and devotion in the relationship between a
beloved pet and their owner.”

Priscilla, who grew up in Malaysia and now lives in Hong Kong, started her pet portrait
business in 2019 after a long and varied career in design.
She originally undertook an architecture degree at The National University of Singapore
and then later turned her hand to fashion illustrations.

Priscilla moved to New York in the 1980s to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology
where she graduated with the highest distinction, a summa-cum-laude award.
After graduation she gained employment with Madison Avenue and Broadway Street
fashion giants as a lingerie garment sketcher.
Priscilla said: “I am elated after finding some of my work dull and dry to finally be doing
something that deeply satisfies me and uses my skills as well as my passion for

“I grew up with a deep love and appreciation for dogs and their companionship. I had a
beautiful mongrel called Bobby who came into my life when I was four or five. He was
everything to me and started my love for animals. He was a close friend, my patient
drawing muse and my playmate. I used to spend hours sketching and drawing him.”

Bobby sparked a life-long love of four legged furries for Priscilla but unfortunately she
says there isn’t the room in her apartment in Hong Kong for a dog right now.

She said: “I haven’t kept any pets for years because of the small sized flats that we
have in Hong Kong.
“Instead I cherish the time I have with friends and family who have dogs and allow me
some playtime. Or I enjoy the dogs kept by my family back home in Malaysia. 

“I also like to contribute to dog shelters and charities to help them in their funding by
donating my art.
“I am also a full member of the Dog Writers of America Association.”

After an initial consultation and sharing of images Priscilla can paint a completely
unique and bespoke portrait in 12- 14 days which will ship internationally within four
Portrait prices start at $200 for a pet painting and increase with additional subjects.
Clients can choose whether they would like their completely original portrait painted in
watercolour or as a mixed media digital print.

Priscilla’s imaginative custom accessorizing and alluring make-over are included in the commission.

Go to to book.

Priscilla said: “My work has often given my customers double-takes, made them
teary-eyed and made them smile.
“My art can mend the broken heart of an owner grieving the loss of their pet.
“The short time we have with our pets on this earth really inspires me. Because owners
give their hearts over so openly knowing that they will most likely outlive their pet. It is a
beautiful, painful thing to love an animal so deeply.

“For me the objective of my work is to give this gift of joy to pet owners and dog mums
especially who are out in all weathers walking their pampered pooches and to give them
some special attention too.”

Pictured: Priscilla Tang

Pictured: Priscilla with a friend’s pet

Pictured: Client Charlotte Crisp with her dog, Peggy Tzu

Pictured: Client Kat Vitou with her dogs, Des and Margot

Pictured: Client Kayla Elizabeth Adams with her dog, Flash.

The latest, a GIVEAWAY CONTEST for Dog Mums. From 6 - 31 Oct 2021
A PROMO collage of a NEW Category of PET PORTRAITS - Portraits with HIGH-END Makeovers
A Fashion-Fusion Pet Portrait of Kayla Adams with her sheltie, Flash, South Carolina

A video showing-off a work-progress of a Pet Portrait of Marcea Barton with Skywalker 

An original Watercolor "Fashion-Infused" Pet Portrait of Marcea Barton of Tulsa, Oklahoma 10 Sept 2021. Her Remarks: "Wow is all I can say. A beautiful younger me with my sweet baby Skywalker. Thank you Priscilla Tang for the beautiful Birthday present! I will cherish it as long as I shall live ❤ "
A watercolor Pet Portrait "Tribute" to Handsome and Gorgeous with Kathy Mazolla, in a field of Texan blue bonnets
"Deb with Scally and Sassy"- Fashionably accessorized on Deb - She wears well, an outfit chic in a purple satin blouse and intricately brocaded pants. Designed by me. Scally and Sassy get their own accessories : A bone-shaped collar and a bronze disc with both their names on them

What then is Prissy Fashion Pet Art?

A Mixed Media (Watercolor & Digital) High-End Fashion Pet Portrai of a diva and her dog
A Pet Portrait of the Grand Daughter of a Client, with the family bulldog

                                    Exceptional Gifts for Dog Mums who have everything                                  

A Dog-Mom Portrait Artist who will paint you & your dogs using watercolor & mixed media. Portraits for dog-moms as a Tribute to her devotion to her dogs. It is my practice to depict my clients in a refreshing light as attractive fashionable portraits –  My dog lover owners all deserve this.

Turn your pet into a lovely portrait

Turn you & your pet into a lovely joint portrait. My dog lovers do find that quite delightful! By offering skillful takes on my customers’ fashion styles, I aim to highlight their natural attributes, matching them with the charisma of their dog subjects. In so doing, I may reveal to them their new personas that offer positive and desirable aspirations for my clients to look up to.

Perfect for trendy dog-moms – Cool dog stuff!

We treat you and your dogs like family. The 1st Preliminary Pencil Sketch will be the first draft that you, the client will get from me. The process of the work will be continually discussed and it may be happily restorative and therapeutic to many of my pet lovers. A bonus Video might be captured of the work progress and it will be in addition to the painting at no extra cost to the client. A goodwill token from me!

You get unlimited revisions. This often gives my clients a helpful reassurance of my good intentions. Cool dog stuff for mums!

Availability of Memorial Portraits

I also offer kind and lovingly crafted dog memorials as a homage to my dog owners’ amazing bond with their wards. These are available both in Original watercolor known as “Basics” or in Mixed Media. The Prices are different. Please refer

My Pet & Fashion Line - another Video

PRISSY FASHION PET ART: Personalized Puppy Gifts – A “go-to” Pet Portrait service that combines Pet Art and Fashion Illustration: A Unique Expression of You and Your Tastes. Reference photos uk

A Pet Portrait of “Lady & Rascal ” –  Original Watercolor Portrait

A Dog Portrait of CHARLOTTE CRISP, CEO LIGHTBULB.CO.UK with her doggie, PEGGY TZU. UK.

Ms Crisp, the founder of UK’s most well-known media resource, LIGHTBULB – Entrepreneur & Press Hangout, running a stable of more than 1,200 of the most outstanding journalists who write for the BBC, Daily Mail, the Telegraph……etc.

Play Video

A video made for client Charlotte Crisp

A Dog Portrait of Kat Vitou & her 2 Dachshunds, UK : “Amazing!!”

A Video to record the work-progression portrait painting

Luxury Pet Portrait Singaporean client Mixed Media

We occasionally do singular Pet Portraits too for celebration, memories, unique seasonal gifts....etc

Memorial of "Michi", the Spitz


A Free Gift of a Consultation will be offered on:

1. How and what to prepare before the Dog Portrait begins.

2. This would consist of a discussion with me over Facebook Chat or a Whatsapp conversation. I will collaborate with you through my 20 years Fashion Art experience, on how to augment your portrait persona.

3. No limit to how many times the brainstorm needs to take place so long as YOU, the client feels happy and confident of a good start to a satisfying pet portrait done of you.

 You have 2 options: Either a “Basic” original and/or a Digitally embellished portrait (called a Mixed Media)



Testimonial from a
Delighted Customer

Helpful Answers for 
a Customer

I literally fell over the moon! Priscilla had expertly tweaked my dress, adorned me with gorgeous accessories and rearranged my old-self into a beautiful individual, whom she called a “Bohemain Aristocal”!

I only got to know that Priscilla has had more than 20 years as a well-regarded Fashion  Illustrator in New York and Hong Kong. This serves her very well in her work. 

We formed a special bonding and I found her to be a beautiful soul besides being a true professional.

Harley Motsingor 

Are these your constraints?

+ Just a few unrelated photos of you and your pet? Dont worry. leave………………….

"Fashion Faces" of Jane R Singer's INSIDE FASHION circa 2013




From: Marcea Barton, Owner/Operator/Rescuer :

“Paws With A Cause”, a non-profit 501 © 3, Oklahoma


“As a non profit in Oklahoma always trying to raise money, I reached out to Priscilla to donate a portrait and she did not hesitate to say yes.

Our follower who won the Prize Pet Portrait was thrilled beyond belief what Priscilla was able to do with 2 separate photo’s to bring them to life together. Priscilla’s policy was to feed her clients with work-progressions of their portraits through the painting process and this winner was no exception.

From that, 2 other ladies from my group reached out to Priscilla to commission work with her. Both were beyond thrilled with the quality of Priscilla’s work and how easy she was to work with.

Many of us have worked with artists before that took months and sometimes a year to get the finished art returned to us but not Priscilla. She gets right to it and has a great turnaround time with her excellent work.

 In need of a great memory keepsake piece? Put yourself in the very skilled hands of Priscilla, you would enjoy the process immensely,  and you won’t be disappointed.”

Marcea Barton –August 2021