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- Where Fashion Luxury meets Pet Portraits - Fashionstyled Portraits for Owners and Pets to gently give back to them a piece of their hearts.
For Celebration of Life & kind Closures.

About Us

Me 19 Oct B

The Story of

Priscilla Tang, or “Prissy”, Pet Portrait Artist, and Founder had always been good in art, having won many school prizes when younger. She is now a veteran of 20 years as a Fashion Illustrator for a US-based fashion resource magazine called “INSIDE FASHION”. She works remotely in Hong Kong in her own paid-up apartment.

As a Pet Illustrator, she uses her expert well-honed fashion skills to lavishly dress up the discerning Dog Parents while crafting uncanny Bonds of the Owners with their Dogs. This combination successfully meshes the aesthetic value of the painting with an unmistakable Bond between the Clients and their wards. 

  • She does this by meshing selective images from 6  or more photos together and makes a wonderfully pleasing composition where she paints, using either Watercolor or Mixed Media.

She captures the nuances and expressions of her subjects exceptionally well. For the art and fashion-conscious dog-lover: a celebration, a tribute, commemoration, or even a memorial is lovingly crafted.

The reaction is often a double-take from the client who gets quite impressed with the “younger beautiful ” interpretation Priscilla has given her.

– Priscilla also designs for her client’s great-looking fashion accessories, apparel, often inspired by famous iconic designs, and is capable of giving the female client a complete make-over. These may result in removing years away from the persona of her women subjects. This gets her clients so excited!

– Priscilla, being an avid dog-over understands the heart of her dog-loving clients and feels privileged to be the one to offer such a new treatment of her clients and their dog companions. Her Customer Experience (CE) is impeccable.


A Video “PROMO” of Me and My work. Enjoy! (This is “Megs”, the Talking Doggo  who belongs to a friend from the UK)


Born in the era of “British Malaya”, whence 3 generations of her family had exported tin ore to England, a Malaysian Chinese by race, Priscilla was educated in Ipoh’s Main Convent (CHIJ). Her Pre-U days were spent at a LaSalleian missionary school in Ipoh called St. Micheal’s Institution., a well known educational institution that brought forth many  leaders in Malaysia in many fields.

Former Asst. Architect, with Alma-Mater, the National University of Singapore (NUS); it was not exactly an interesting field of study and work for Priscilla. Instead she went back to school at the Fashion Institute of Technology NY (FIT, NY), 1992 and graduated top of her class at the age of 37.

With a new art degree from the FIT,  Priscilla spent her next “wonderful” years in Manhattan, as a Fashion Illustrator. accumulatively in New York-Hong Kong working for E-Commerce Fashion Strategist, Jane R. Singer, for her 2 magazines, Style and Inside-Fashion, in Hong Kong; then, a 3 years stint in Fantasy Illustration to kick-start-inspire local figurine sculptors with fresh ideas for sculpted then molded figurines for the American and German markets, and then this upstart of a Solopreneur, Ms. Priscilla Tang for her contemporary pet portrait business of 3 years.

Her motto: “Be an Esther!” Priscilla is a faith-driven lady, positive and empathetically insuppressible, out to revolutionize Customer Experience for her clients. She said, “It’s not really for the money”. Its the joy of knowing that her portrait art has brought such joy in those diligent, deserving dog mum Clients

Her happy clients had been many who first came to her through word-of-mouth. Priscilla’s love for her work and her genuine concern for her dog-lovers, a hallmark of her company, has never flagged but heightened after discovering that she has a role to play in this planet.

Priscilla is also concerned for the high-kill status of many animal shelters throughout the civilized world and had been elated to note in early 2021 that the first regions to adopt a 100% kill-free zone have been those in LA, USA. She recently donated her pet portrait services voluntarily to national dog concerns such as “BARK AID 2021” and “CHARITY TRAIL 2021′ in the UK.

Priscilla works out of Hong Kong in her already paid-off apartment property where real estate is one of the priciest in the world! She is a PR there having lived there in HK for more than 30 years with 9 years spent in Brooklyn, New York, with her then Hong Kong’er husband.


Super Efficient
Deeply Concerned
Highly Skilled
Blends expertly the Contemporary with Traditional Genres
Deftly applies expert Fashion-Upticks when helpful
Creates seamless Compositions between pets with Human
Possesses expert knowledge of the anatomies of the
Human body and of Dogs

With a clear idea of what I wanted to become even when young and that was to become a full-fledged artist, I mastered many of the mediums of illustration throughout much of my life. Having had a yellow mongrel puppy from the age of 6 instilled in me a deep love for dogs. Bobby and I practically grew up together.

I now employ a few means to reach my goal for each of the portrait art that I do…Invariably, I give my clients more than what they expected and I love it when they shed tears of joy and elation to see my work……even at a preliminary sketch-stage that I post to them as part of the work-development process. Besides that, I get to use all the experience of my art-related careers (Architecture, Fashion Illustration & 2D Fantasy Art) and they color my work in tremendously insightful ways.

I genuinely enjoy exploring my work in the actual art-process and the satisfaction coming from my clients is only part of the embodiment of my art. I go beyond that and end result? A deep appreciation from every one of my clients AND a nice knowing pat on my back, jubilantly telling myself, “Well done, Prissy!”

WEB Feature- Why CharcoalTofu is Different

Super Efficient

I work out of a close community where every necessary utility and service are within easy reach: Couriers, the local Post Office, a walking distance to the world-famous MTR connections, banks, stationery outlets, eateries (handy when I do my rush-jobs and have no time to cook and wash!), unfailing Internet services 24/7, efficient and top-rate, Wi-Fi connections ubiquitously available…..the list is endless……

Deeply Concerned

I count it my “calling” to serve my female customers in such a way that I am gifted to provide them with a bigger view of things. I am concerned and I wish to do my share to help pet owners discern a higher reference of the source of love besides that which comes only from their remarkable pets.

Highly Skilled

I started out being a child prodigy thanks to a doting dad whose art career was thwarted by my great grandfather who managed to persuade my dad to stay home and tend to our family business which had been tin-mining in Malaysia.
I am skilled with most Traditional mediums and I in addition find Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator very helpful to my work. However I focus on mainly Watercolor, Charcoals and Digital Mixed Media.
Furthermore I utilize very deftly my knowledge and insights distilled from my Fashion Illustration background of 20 years to benefit my female clients. I do this by offering free fashion consults before I augment their personas as can be seen in many of my Human Pet portraits. I am good at what I do as testified by the testimonials my clients write in.