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After PETA Appeal, Chi Chi London Cuts Ties With Grand National 2022


After hearing from PETA and 31,000 of our supporters, clothes brand Chi Chi London has withdrawn its support for the 2022 Grand National, the most dangerous horse race in the UK, after promoting and sponsoring its Ladies Day event from 2019 to 2021.

Catastrophic injuries are the only sure bets for the Grand National. Hats off to Chi Chi London for distancing itself from this deadly race in which horses are pushed to – and sometimes past – breaking point.

Thank you to everyone who took action and contacted the brand. When we ask, they listen.

The Grand National Disgrace

It’s a national disgrace that since 2010, 29 horses have died because of the Grand National.

Horses used for racing often die of fatal injuries such as broken backs or are killed after sustaining broken legs. At Becher’s Brook, aptly nicknamed the “killer fence”, horses have slammed face-first into the ground and collided with each other, breaking necks, backs, and legs.

Horses who survive end the race exhausted and often injured.

©Animal Aid

Horses Are Discarded Like Betting Slips

At the end of their racing days, horses are often discarded like used betting slips – dumped with rescue charities already dealing with many cast-offs, shot at stables, or sold to be slaughtered for their flesh.

Last year, “The Dark Side of Horse Racing” on BBC One’s Panorama revealed that every year, thousands of horses formerly used for racing in the UK and Ireland are sent to the abattoir.

A PETA exposé showed that nearly all horses sold to the South Korean racing industry – and their offspring – are violently killed and sold for meat when they’re deemed no longer useful.

Sponsorships Must Be Dropped

This race will continue as long as sponsors keep supporting it. Help us urge the 2022 sponsors to follow Chi Chi London’s lead and cut ties with the cruel race:


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