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Bearskin Caps are ‘Sickening’ and ‘Devastating’


Following his recent feature film debut in Twist, actor, model, and lifelong vegetarian Rafferty Law is on screen again in a powerful new campaign for PETA.

Rafferty Law Speaks Out for Bears

Law joins PETA in urging the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to replace the real bearskin used for the caps worn by the Queen’s Guard with faux fur. He points out that it takes the skin of at least one bear to make a single cap, which serves “absolutely no military purpose”.

“Unbelievably, black bears are still being gunned down to make the caps for the Queen’s Guard, even though PETA has created this alternative. And I hope you’re as angry about it as I am.”
– Rafferty Law

In the video, Law explains that these bears are often nursing mothers, whose cubs are left to starve, “One cap can actually represent the painful deaths of an entire family. And for what? … It’s sickening and quite frankly devastating.”

MoD Takes British Public for Fools

Despite the MoD’s claims that the bears are killed as part of a Canadian government–sanctioned “cull”, PETA has found no evidence of any Canadian province running – or having previously run – any official black bear culling programmes.

Instead, the Canadian government issues “tags” to hunting enthusiasts, who are then free to bait and kill an allotted number of bears and sell their pelts for profit. Some bears are shot several times before they die, and some escape only to bleed to death.

Taxes Are Being Wasted

As Law points out, the caps serve no military purpose – yet, each cap costs taxpayers £1,710.

More than £1 million of UK taxpayers’ money has been spent on these caps in the past seven years, despite the fact that ECOPEL has offered to supply the MoD with unlimited free faux bear fur until 2030.

Law’s video marks his second anti-fur campaign with PETA. It comes on the heels of the launch of a government petition by Britain’s Got Talent star Alesha Dixon, that seeks 100,000 signatures in order to trigger a parliamentary debate on the MoD’s continued use of bearskin.

Family of Anti-Fur Activists

Law comes from a family of proud anti-fur activists: his mother, Sadie Frost, previously appeared in PETA’s iconic “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” series in an ad stating “Turn Your Back on Fur”, while his father, Jude Law, sent a letter on behalf of PETA urging the World Trade Organization to uphold the EU ban on seal-fur imports – which it did.

Join Rafferty Law and Take Action

Speak out against the sickening and devastating slaughter of Canadian black bears for the Queen’s Guard’s caps now.

We need 100,000 of you to sign the government petition to ensure this issue is debated in Parliament:


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