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Big News for Bunnies! Horrific Rabbit-Farming Franchise Closes Up Shop

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Animal advocates are jumping for joy over news that T&S Nurseries has read the writing on the wall and will soon be closing up shop – meaning no more rabbits will be bred and killed at its facilities.

On these farms, sensitive animals spend much of their lives confined to barren hutches, unable to socialise or explore. Then, after enduring a miserable life, they’re hung upside down and their throats are slit so their dismembered body parts can be used for pâté, pies, and other “products”.

When We Ask – They Listen

Business owner Phil Kerry revealed the decision to cease trading was made, in part, because local councils repeatedly blocked his applications for new butchering and breeding sites – applications which tens of thousands of compassionate PETA supporters spoke out against.

Many other groups, including Animal Aid, Shut Down T&S Rabbits, and VIVA! have also campaigned on this issue – and together, we celebrate this win for rabbits.

Thank you to all our supporters who stood up for rabbits!

In a true sign of the times, the public has once again reminded animal-exploiting businesses that the only viable industries are those which don’t harm other living, feeling beings.

PETA will be sending Mr Kerry a box of vegan chocolate bunnies to wish him a happy retirement.

Sneaking in Fur Farming Through the Back Door

These farms were making a profit from selling the rabbits’ skins – even though fur farming has been banned in the UK since 2002 – under the guise that their fur is a “by-product” of killing them for their flesh.

Take a look at this PETA exposé to see the horrors that rabbits face when farmed for their fur:

What’s Next?

This victory for animals wouldn’t have been possible without compassionate individuals who never stay silent when it comes to animal abuse. Join PETA’s action team and we’ll keep you up to date on our urgent petitions and upcoming protests:

Let’s secure more victories for animals! Did you know that even though fur farming has been banned in the UK for 20 years, fur is still imported for sale in stores nationwide? Please sign our petition and support the #FurFreeBritain campaign:

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