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Do Dogs Dream and What You Need to Know About Sleeping Dogs – Dogster

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Sure, you’ve seen your dog twitch her paws, move her legs and even let out a little cry while she sleeps. Perhaps you’ve even witnessed your pooch exhibit more dramatic movements or sounds when she sleeps and wonder, do dogs dream?

Do Dogs Dream Book
Want to learn more about dogs and dreaming? Check out Dr. Stanley Coren’s book Do Dogs Dream? Nearly Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know, available for $16.37.

Do Dogs Dream?

Dr. Stanley Coren, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia, literally wrote the book on it: “Do Dogs Dream? Nearly Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know.”

Dr. Coren’s answer to the question in his book title is: Yes. “All the evidence seems to indicate that dogs dream,” he says. “It’s probably the case that all mammals dream.”