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Egyptian Embassy Protest Calls For an End to Horse and Camel Rides

EGYPT 3 horse camel egypt embassy

A herd of PETA protesters gathered outside the Egyptian embassy in London and called on officials to prohibit the use of horses and camels for rides at top tourist spots around Egypt’s pyramids.

Video Footage Reveals Horse and Camel Abuse

The action follows the release of new PETA Asia footage, which shows how camels used for tourist rides are routinely beaten and bound at Egypt’s notorious Birqash Camel Market. The shocking video captures the moment a camel was tied to the back of a lorry and dragged through the streets.

Other investigations have revealed horses with open sores and severe, untreated injuries being forced to carry tourists. They are made to wait for the next paying customer in the blistering heat without shade or water – and have even been found trying to subsist by eating rubbish.

In paying for horse-drawn carriage or camel rides, tourists keep this exploitative industry alive. When visiting Egypt’s pyramids, please opt for an animal-free mode of transportation.

Egyptian Authorities Must Take Action

PETA Asia has shared multiple videos of this abuse with Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, yet no action has been taken.

The ministry previously pledged to ban the use of horses and other animals at tourist sites and to replace them with electric carts. However, it has failed to provide a definite date and taken no steps towards implementing the solution.

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