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Great News! Bogotá Won’t Have Bullfighting in 2022


Great news! No private party has signed up to take on Bogotá’s 2022 bullfighting season. This means that bullfighting will not happen in Colombia’s capital this year and reflects a lack of public support for the cruel spectacle.

The result is largely thanks to efforts to disincentivise bullfighting, led by the Green Alliance party and councillor Andrea Padilla.

Bogotá’s Progress

The lack of willing third-party organisers is a clear sign that the bullfighting industry is dying.

“Despite the fact that we launched the call for applications more than a month ago, no applicants came forward, so today, it has been declared void. This is the reason why we want to inform the public that this year, there will be no bullfighting season in Bogotá. Likewise, we want to thank all the people who have been following this call and inform animal activists that this Mayor’s Office remains committed to animal protection.”
– Blanca Duran, director, District Institute of Recreation and Sports

Bullfighting Is Torture, Not Tradition

Bulls are sensitive, intelligent animals who have been shown to enjoy complex problem-solving. They also love to play games with other members of their herd.

However, during these disgusting festivals, they’re tormented before being violently stabbed to death.

Speak Out Against Bullfighting

Not all bulls will be lucky enough to evade the bullring this season, and many will be tortured in front of crowds around the world. We’re fighting to end bull runs and bullfights in Spain. The San Fermín festival is due to resume in Pamplona this summer, and during that week of bloodshed each July, at least 48 bulls are stabbed to death.

Please sign our petition calling on Pamplona’s mayor to follow Bogotá’s lead and end this barbaric bloodbath:


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