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Here’s Why Dog Ear-Cropping Is Cruel


Humans can choose to undergo cosmetic surgery – dogs can’t. More to the point, they likely wouldn’t!

Despite being so cruel that it’s actually illegal in England and Wales, ear-cropping is being normalised by many influential celebrities who acquire dogs from dodgy breeders who break the law or import dogs from other countries where this surgery is legal. This abuse has to stop.

Dog Ear Cropping

What Is Ear-Cropping?

Ear-cropping is a surgery that alters or completely removes a dog’s ears. It involves cutting off the majority of the animal’s extremely sensitive ears and taping the remnants into an unnatural, “devilish“ shape, which is thought to make the dogs look more “alert” or “intimidating”.

Like us, you might be wondering why anyone would want their dog to go through this barbaric process. Sadly, many celebrities and influencers buy dogs from or are given them by irresponsible breeders who put the animals through the surgery for nothing more than aesthetic purposes. Social media is popularising this cruel trend. Dogfighters also commonly use the surgery to prevent an opponent from grabbing a dog’s ears.

Whatever the reason, ear-cropping is unnecessary and abusive and has no place in a humane society.

Why Dogs Need Their Ears

Dogs’ ears are there for a purpose, and they’re perfect just the way they are.

Dogs “talk” to their human companions and other dogs using their ears. Their position helps us understand if a dog is worried, happy, or relaxed. So hacking them off not only is traumatic but also robs them of vital tools for communication.

Dog with ears perked up

Unsurprisingly, dogs also use their ears for hearing! They can move their ears independently from one another and position them for optimal hearing. Mutilating dogs’ ears affects their hearing – so it’s not only painful but also completely impractical.

How You Can Help

Although ear-cropping is illegal in England and Wales, reports indicate an alarming increase in the number of dogs with cropped ears – people either send the animals abroad to be maimed or purchase and import dogs from breeders who have already mutilated their ears.

PETA joins the RSPCA and every other animal protection group in calling for a ban on the importation of dogs with cropped ears, which would send a strong message to breeders and the public that maiming dogs for vanity is unacceptable. Dogs love humans regardless of the way we look – we’d do well to extend the same kindness to them.

Never crop your dog’s ears, and remember – adopt, don’t shop.


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