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How much should you pay your dog-sitter?

We asked a pet lifestyle expert about a dog sitter’s average pay per day and what amenities and services make the price go up.

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Leaving your pup behind is a bummer. But if you know your dog is safe and having fun too, you can feel good about going away. Dog boarding kennels provide overnight pet sitting. But many pet parents prefer to have a dog sitter come to their home or go to a pet sitter‘s house where pups pal around in a pack all day.

It’s a matter of preference and often cost as well. Read on to learn what factors influence dog-sitting rates and why some dog sitters might be more expensive than others.

Dog Sitting Costs

The average rate for dog sitting is $35 a night, says Nicole Ellis, CBDT, and pet lifestyle expert with Rover. But there are numerous factors that affect the cost of dog sitting. The biggest is your location. Large urban areas like Los Angeles and New York City will generally have higher dog-sitting fees than suburban areas or smaller cities in the Midwest.

Another consideration that may play a role is where your dog will be: the sitter’s home or yours. Dog sitting in your home is nice since it doesn’t break up your dog’s routine, but it’s usually pricier. If you have multiple pups in the home, plan on paying more too. Have a puppy? The extra attention and potty breaks may cost you.

Expect to see dog-sitting fees skyrocket around the holidays as well, says Ellis. This is when dog sitters are in high demand and booking one then may come at a premium.

Why Are Some Dog Sitters More Expensive?

Like other services, the fees for dog sitting can range in price. A dog sitter on the higher end may have more experience or credentials, like being a certified professional dog trainer or licensed veterinary technician. 

Amenities can bump up the price, too. A big, fenced-in yard for your pooch to zoom around in or private dog sitting, when the pet sitter is caring for your pup only, may cost more. Many dog sitters offer extra services as well like taking your pooch for walks and sending you regular photo or video updates that let you know your pup is doing well.

“There are a lot of reasons someone may pay more for one pet sitter over another,” Ellis states. “But keep in mind that at-home sitter rates are still often less than a kennel or vet and your dog is in a real home getting attention all day.”

Finding a dog sitter you trust is priceless, especially when it comes to peace of mind while you’re away. Ready to start your search? Get tips on picking the best dog sitter for you and your pup.

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