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How to Understand K9 Body Language: Facial Expressions


How to Understand K9 Body Language: Facial Expressions

Light-Colored Poodle Service Dog Holding a Gray Slipper in Their Mouth Looking at the Camera (Courtesy:

Understanding K9 Body Language

Our friends at MobilityDog have been hard at work to help dog parents understand K9 body language. Are you adept at reading your canine’s body language? You need to be if you want a strong foundation of communication and a bond of respect between you and your pup.

Why is Body Language So Important?

All creatures communicate through verbal sounds. But much like humans, a great deal of communication also happens through non-verbal cues. In order to fully understand what your dog is trying to communicate, their body language also needs to be factored in for a full picture.

If you missed their earlier blog posts, you can catch up below:

K9 Facial Expressions

In the third blog in this series, the canine’s facial expressions are the focus behind understanding your dog’s body language. The post takes a closer look at the 5 common expressions including:

  • Smiling.
  • Yawning.
  • Lip-Licking.
  • Puppy Eyes; and
  • A Smooth, Relaxed Brow.

Click here to read the entire blog post!

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