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In Memory of Animal Advocate Paul O’Grady

shutterstock 159444521 Paul OGrady

Animals have lost a dear friend with the passing of Paul O’Grady, whose life-long dedication to protecting them was unwavering.

From joining PETA to call out animal testing in the ‘90s to championing the true underdogs at local animal shelters by asking everyone to “adopt, don’t shop” and save a life, Paul never missed an opportunity to shine the spotlight on animals’ plight.

Among his many achievements, travel giant Thomas Cook stopped selling tickets to marine parks after hearing from him about the immense suffering orcas experience in cramped, chemically treated tanks; he supported the #FurFreeBritain campaign; he called for a ban on that “torture in a tin”, foie gras; he decried factory farming; he urged the Lord Mayor of London to stop herding sheep across London Bridge; and so much more.

Paul once said, “It is our duty to treat animals with respect,” and PETA asks those who cared about him to honour his memory by showing the same kindness to our fellow Earthlings that he did.

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