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Pet Portrait Artist sample of work -HK Studio

SUMMARY: Local businesswoman, Priscilla Tang, joins international networking group for pet business women to capitalize on booming pet industry and expand her customer base.

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Media Contact: 

Shawna Schuh

503-970-5774   /

Priscilla Tang, Founder, Portrait Artist, of ‘Bobby & Pris’, Specializing in Composite Portraits of Pets and Owners, Positions Herself to Reach More of the US 83 Million Pet Owners by Joining International Network 

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), there are more than 84.6 million U.S. homes with pets, and this is expected to rise to 94 million by 2019. People are spending greater amounts on pets all the time, many treating pets more as family members. Worldwide, the pet industry is valued at $98 billion.

The total of U.S. pet industry expenditures for 2018 is estimated at $72.13 billion, up from $69.51 billion spent in 2017.  

Women in the Pet Industry Network (WIPIN) is the leading organization focused on women entrepreneurs in all categories of this ever-growing pet industry. 

Priscilla Tang is its newest member. Priscilla is Owner of ‘Bobby & Pris’-composite portraits (, in Hong Kong, which creates Joint Watercolor Portraits of Owners with their Pets. Priscilla knows that pets, and the businesses that serve them, are here to stay! She plans to leverage her WIPIN membership to help grow her corner of the burgeoning pet marketplace.

WIPIN President Shawna Schuh said, “Our network continues to grow with the addition of talented entrepreneurs from North America and other countries. 

Priscilla is a perfect example. Each member adds to our valuable exchange of ideas, information and contacts. In WIPIN, women connect as if they are at a business lunch,” added Schuh. “WIPIN is like a sisterhood of pet-loving business women.” 

         About Priscilla Tang and “Bobby & Pris” – Composite Portrait Art

A former Assistant Architect in New York and Hong Kong, I absolutely love Dogs. After having been also an Architectural Perspectivist for a renowned Perspectivist in New York, I later went into Fashion Illustration where I spent 20 years also both in New York and Hong Kong illustrating for the Apparel industry.

I was ready for a change after that. I hence combined the 2 great loves of my life: 

                                                ART + ANIMALS. 

                        That was how ‘Bobby&Pris’ was formed early 2018.

My mission statement: I wish to reach as many pet lovers here in the US. To help them through my ART, express their oftentimes poignantly inexpressible love for the dogs they own, crafting precious keepsakes in memoriam, or, simply as a celebration of the precious dogs in their lives. I find that these are a means of bringing closure, healing comfort, and, happiness into owners’ lives, young or old. And their dogs get better loved, better taken care of, and much more appreciated. 

Frankly, I think both Owners and Pets deserve these improvements in their lives.

               You may reach Priscilla at her email:

                        Her business web is:

                                                 mp: (+852 6081 4843)

My first break-through has been creating a joint watercolor portrait of a young lady dog-trainer in South Carolina and of her remarkable sheltie, which won National awards for Canine Agility and Obedience contests. Kayla Elizabeth Adams was totally in love with my finished work. I would love to do the same for every dog-lover out there. 

About Women in the Pet Industry Network (WIPIN)

Women in the Pet Industry Network (WIPIN), an international membership networking organization where some 500 pet professionals gather to ignite leaders in the pet industry. WIPIN is the only organization serving professionals in all segments of the pet industry, as well as all types of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, small animals, pocket pets, horses and exotics.

More than 120 career paths exist within the pet industry. WIPIN includes representatives from most. They include groomers, pet-sitters, vets, pet fashion designers, food and product manufacturers, artists, trainers, breeders, animal welfare advocates, PR and marketing pros, authors and bloggers, animal psychics and pet store operators.

The breadth of the WIPIN membership is unique in an additional way: It ranges from women working at their pet business single handedly or in Mom-and-Pop fashion to those managing teams, decisions and missions at a corporate level.  WIPIN membership benefits include: discounted registration to the annual WIPIN conference; a free subscription to the semi-annual Top Women in the Pet Industry Magazine; a custom member page on the WIPIN website; the informative Pet Weekly newsletter; Monday Mindset’s & other monthly news along with caring telephone support from real people with real pets; unlimited access to other pet professionals for advice and partnering; discounts on products and services; and monthly educational teleconferences on marketing, social media and other pertinent business-building topics.  

For information about the magazine, email:;

For information about becoming a member, email:;

For information regarding Pet Industry Woman of the Year, email:

For WIPIN in general, contact Shawna Schuh,; or 503-970-5774. 

Visit for more information.


Photo taken of Priscilla and her finished Joint Portrait of Kayla and Flash, June 2019, photoshoped into the official receipt before posting it to her in South Carolina. 

Priscilla Tang, Artist (on a “mission”), owner of ‘Bobby & Pris’ composite portrait art, has joined Women in the Pet Industry Network.

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