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No More Deaths: Call For an End to Bullfights and Bull Runs in Pamplona

tras los muros bull stabbed matador

Dear Mayor,

I urge you to ban the Running of the Bulls and subsequent bullfights during the San Fermín festival and replace these cruel spectacles with a humane alternative that does not involve animals.

Bulls are sentient beings with unique personalities who form complex social bonds. Bull runs and bullfights cause them extreme suffering.

At only 4 to 6 years old, barely half their natural lifespan, bulls are brought to Pamplona to face a terrifying mob of people who chase them through the narrow streets of the city. They often lose their footing around corners and crash into walls, sometimes breaking bones or injuring themselves in other ways.

They’re then taunted in the bullring, forced to run to the point of exhaustion, and repeatedly stabbed with multiple weapons, enduring a slow, painful death. This cruelty is rightly banned in many parts of the world, including in parts of Spain.

We, the undersigned, demand an end to this violence and urge you to replace the bull runs and bullfights with activities that don’t involve animals.


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