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Patio Furniture – A Way To Enhance The Patio


Patio furniture umbrellas are as utilitarian as they are stylish. You can find them in just about any size and they come in different shapes. They come in all kinds of colors of the rainbow and they can even be found made of designer fabrics. Outdoor umbrellas come in single canopy or ones with a tiny canopy above the main one that gives it an elegant look.

The beach calls for casual wooden seating. Try folding wooden chairs with colorful striped canvas slings, set under a pale colored canvas outdoor umbrella seat that you’ve propped in a large bucket of sand.

Multi-purpose Traits – Although they are golf items, some of these stuff may be used for other functions as well. Let’s say, a golf umbrella may be used when going to picnics or even while taking a laid-back stroll along the park during summertime. Golf towels may be used to wipe spills in your table or desk. Polo shirts may be worn on occasions aside from a game of golf.

Focus. Because it is an uncomfortable environment there is a tendency to want to “get it over with” and rush your shots. Remember to focus and hit the best folding umbrella shot you can.

An umbrella is a very similar piece of apparatus to a soft box with the main difference being that some of the light from the flash can pass through it, and the rest reflects off it. You can use it both ways to get different lighting results. When you put the umbrella onto the head of the flash, you will have a spill kill. It is a round piece of metal that fits around the end of the flash. We call it a spill kill because it prevents light from spilling out past the umbrella. This prevents light from hitting the walls and the ceilings, which can completely destroy your photography efforts. The whole purpose of a home studio is for you to have control of the light.

Backpack and tote bag. Use a small backpack to keep the writing materials, books, and other reference materials. After a couple of accidents, I added a small tote bag for the food and drink items.

iStock ImagePurchasing furniture for the patio can be cheap, if planned and the buyer is patient. Most department stores will put their outdoor furniture and accessories on clearance every fall as they need space and prepare for Christmas shopping. If you can wait until fall and have the space to store it, you can get a nice backyard set for 50 to 70% off retail price.

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