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Personalize Your Love for Your Pet: Commission a Stunning Pet Portrait Today

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Artist’s Background

Priscilla Tang is a 2 times International Award Winner for Illustration. She is based in Hong Kong but mainly works with clients from the US and the UK.  In January 2024, Priscilla received outstanding news from the well-reputed App of more than 20 years of Peer and Professional service, TailWind. She received more than 10 million likes and viewers since November 2023! This immense audience number was collated by TailWind through data from Google, FaceBook, and Pinterest.

Priscilla is concerned for the high-kill status of many animal shelters throughout the civilized world. She recently donated her pet portrait services voluntarily to national dog concerns such as “BARK AID 2021” and “CHARITY TRAIL 2021′ in the UK.

Priscilla is a faith-driven lady, positive and empathetically insuppressible, out to revolutionize the customer experience for her clients. She said, “It’s not really for the money”. It’s the joy of knowing that her portrait art has brought such joy in those diligent, deserving dog parents.


Priscilla was a former classic fashion illustrator for an American fashion resource magazine for 20 years. Before that she worked as a garment sketcher after graduation from the Fashion Institute of Technology, NY. She worked for big garment companies located along the streets of Broadway, Saks Fifth, and Madison Avenues.  Priscilla incorporates fashion influences into her portraits. 

Fashion Influences

Priscilla is inspired by the following designers / illustrators:

Haute Couture Master: Balenciaga

Jeweller: Bvlgari

NY’s Fashion Illustrators: Antonio Lopez, Erte and David Downton

Priscilla’s Pups

She said the “recent” ones belong to her family, her elder sister and her family. Their names: Asa (the African Ridgeback), Ace (the beautiful long haired German), Haru ( the black Great Dane), Maru (the Pit Bull), Buffy (of the Vampire Slayer fame), Bobo, Gigi, Mueller (the stubbornest Basset Hound) and her very own mongrel pet, Bobby, whom she grew up with.


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