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PETA Models Urge Christmas Shoppers Not to Buy Gucci – Here’s Why

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Last-minute Christmas shopping? We were in London today to deter you from purchasing these Gucci products of cruelty.

Following a new PETA Asia investigation into an Indonesian abattoir that supplies the brand, we descended on Gucci’s flagship London store to demand that the company ban exotic skins.

Cruelty Behind Gucci Wallets

The new footage revealed workers bashing lizards in the head with machetes and hacking at their necks in botched decapitation attempts. Lizards’ legs are tied, then they’re callously thrown around – and this kind of abuse goes into every one of Gucci’s lizard-leather purses, belts, wallets, and other fashion accessories.

Because of their unique physiology, lizards do not die instantaneously after being beheaded, and their brains can remain fully able to feel pain for over 30 minutes. The video below shows two instances in which lizards’ heads moved after decapitation.

The footage directly contradicts claims by Gucci’s parent company, Kering, that it is committed to “implementing and verifying the highest standards of animal welfare across [its] supply chains” as well as its animal welfare guidelines, which call for “humane handling at end of life”.

Does this look humane to you? See for yourself the “highest standards of animal welfare”.

Lizards Need Your Help

Join us in calling on Gucci to give animals some peace on Earth by joining the growing list of forward-thinking designers who have banned cruelly obtained exotic skins from their collections.


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