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My Commitment to Your Animal Cause

Payment Arrangements

  1. Installment Plan available. Payment to my PayPal Account name: – 30 % Down payment after the Prelim Pencil Draft is aapproved. The rest has to be made before the finished artwork is despatched.
  2. If the original artwork is damaged, there is no refund but a digital copy may be forwarded to you at no extra cost.
  3. The Copyright belongs to me, Prissy Tang, the Artist. 
  4. The original artwork belongs to You, the Client.
  5. In case of wish to make reproductions of the artwork in any form, kindly inform me, the Artist. Otherwise, no reproductions are to be made to protect the Copyright of the Artist. However, in cases which have been acknowledged by the Artist, it may be proper to give credit to the name of the Artist: Prissy Tang and accompanying Website:
  6. Lead time for the finished painting is 10 – 14 days before despatch. International Air Freight takes at least 7 days.
  7. Shared Shipping to anywhere 50-50. Digital Artwork no need for Shipping.

For Digital Portrait Prices, the same rates