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Should a Goldendoodle Be Your Next Dog?


ar bearcreek dallas

History credits the very first Goldendoodle back in 1969 by Monica Dickens, the great-granddaughter of the English writer, Charles Dickens. The Golden Retriever and Poodle were first bred as guide dogs for people with allergies and visual impairment.

In Australia, the Goldendoodle is also known as the Groodle!

Want a great family dog with personality, charisma, affection and high intelligence? The Goldendoodle may be the perfect fit!

Our friends at Arkansas Bear Creek Goldens and Doodles have a LOT of experience with Golden and Doodle puppies and in this blog post, they introduce you to the gentle and loyal Goldendoodle!

Click here to learn more about the Goldendoodle breed at Arkansas Bear Creek Goldens and Doodles.


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