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Turkey-Syria Earthquake: Animals Need Our Help

Dog DP

The earthquake in Syria and Turkey is a catastrophe for humans – and for dogs, cats, and other animals left homeless, frightened, and injured.

Every minute poses a struggle for survival for them as many wander through the rubble while contending with untreated injuries and bone-chilling cold.

PETA Entities Rescue Mission

Rescue teams are on the ground in Turkey, and PETA’s Global Compassion Fund (GCF) is providing financial support. Partner organization Vegan Derneği Türkiye is distributing dog and cat food, rescue crates, leashes, and other urgently needed supplies through a network of local groups that are caring for animals in some of the most devastated areas.

This latest crisis comes as PETA Germany and its partners in Ukraine are still actively helping abandoned and injured animals on the front lines of the war there, providing them with food and veterinary care. All such resources are supported by Global Compassion Fund donors.

Support Vital Rescue Missions

Please do not wait. Animals’ lives are at stake. Your generous donation will give a real boost to rescuers helping animals in Turkey and elsewhere around the globe, as they provide animals with food, veterinary care, and other necessities.

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