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What to do next when a Pet Portrait is to be commissioned


A Progression of work that starts with a pencil sketch appearing on the left side then progresses. Much prep work is needed between the artist and customer before the pencil sketch begins.

Congratulations, you are about to embark on a delightful journey to having your 1st pet portrait painted! It must have caused you a bit of ambivalence: the queasy yet exhilarating joy in having your companion “done”.

I know what it is like because I have dealt with my dog-owner clients for a few years now. I know what the anticipation is all about. Let me share with you how to prepare yourself for that and how to allow the artist, that is, me, to bring out the best in both you and your pet on my fine gauged watercolor paper


  1. Choice of photos/snippets/cuttings of You and /or your pet dog
  2. Your preferences: Your favorite feel on colors, trends, past experiences, a favorite dog costume that Charlie used to wear……
  3. Your Story: Tell it to our empathetic ears. We are committed to expressing that bond into our painting for you
  4. THEN, the Pencil Prelim Sketch done by me, the artist, begins.

Choice of materials to be submitted to the artist

Remember that the artist is not aware of your history with your pet. Don’t overlook snippets of information: snapshots at a dog birthday party where your pet had been the b’day boy……a random casual shot caught of your doggo in a happy mood……etc those spontaneous shots can help a great deal to give a depiction of your dog at an off-guard moment. Other then that, try to provide those close-ups, as sharp as possible.

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