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What You Need to Know

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Your Dog’s Nose: What You Need to Know

A black dog's nose against a white dog face

Your dog’s nose is remarkable with abilities that far surpass our own!

But it’s also important to view it as a sensitive organ that requires ongoing care to operate at its peak.

The Dog’s Nose: The Series

Thanks to our friends at East Valley K9 Services, you can learn all about your dog’s incredible nose through their 3-part blog series, “A Dog’s Nose.”

In their first blog, explore the eleven amazing facts behind your K9’s nose! For example, did you know the part of your dog’s brain that recognizes and interprets smells is 40 times larger than our own?!

Click here to read Part 1 of this series.

The Potential Issues

Just like your own nose, nasal issues, both large and small, can challenge your canine’s sensitive nose and its incredible abilities. Learn the issues to watch out for and when you need to take your dog to see your vet.

Click here to read Part 2 of this series.

The Final Blog

Don’t miss the final blog in their series called “A Dog’s Nose: Natural Treatments” by subscribing to the East Valley K9 blog!

Enjoy the blogs and please share it with another dog parent!

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